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Association starts a project, which will promote involvement in civic participation processes the minority NGO

On November 1, the association launched the project „Experience and Knowledge of Association „Balta Maja” for the Integration of National Minorities into Latvia` s community” (Project contract No.: 2013.EEZ/PP/2/MAC/035/050) introduce. Project supported by European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009.-2014. year period in program „NVO fonds” lower program „NVO projektu programma”. Length of the project: 16 months; from 01/11/2014 till 29/02/2016. Project will take place in: Latgale region: Daugavpils district, Rezekne district, Livani district; Zemgale region: Jekabpils, Jekabpils district. Association „Balta maja” is reiceiver of co-financing.

The aim of the project: to promote the integration of national minorities and NGOs into Latvia`s community and to enchance the civic participation. Main objectives of the project: 1) latvian language courses for representatives of national minorities and non-citizens; 2) promotion of the intercultural dialogue and integration of national minorities; 3) capacity building of national minorities NGOs, through promotion of cooperation, active engagement and civic participation.

The project is based on the transfer of experience and knowledge of the association „Balta Maja” to national minorities NGOs. Partners of the project are the following national minorities NGOs: Slavish culture association „Uzori” (Livani), Ukrainian culture association „Javir” (Jekabpils), the theatre studio „Jorik” from Rezekne and the association of Belorussian culture „Uzdim” from Daugavpils.

Main activities of the project:

The target group of the project:

The project will contribute to the achieving common goals and objectives of the „Projects programm of non-governmental organizations” and will promote development of a cohesive society according to goals of the support area No.2.

Informative and publicity measures will ensure publicity of the project in all the regions of the country.

Informative measure about Project launch will be held in December 4 at 10:30 indoors of association (Stacijas iela 2, Livani). You will get more information about project and information about research in NGO Latvian sector from Inta Simanska – she represents Association „Latvian civil alliance.”


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The program is funded by the EEZ Grants and Latvian State

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

This publication has been prepared by the EEA Financial Mechanism and Latvian State financial support. For the content of this publication responsible Association „Balta Maja”.